10 Reasons Why People Use Social Media

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. If you ve spoken with anyone recently about Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, I m sure you ve probably griped, even if just a little. While it can be


4 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Church Website

Your church website is very important. For many people, it is the front door to your church, the first impression that they get. Likely your website is also a resource to your members, a place

5 Ways To Reach 81% New People In Your Community For Christmas

CHRISTMAS! Nearly everyone loves it. Quite literally nearly everyone apparently. And is your church communications taking advantage of that fact? FIRST THE FACTS According to Pew research, clearly the major major major majority of Americans (92%) and nearly all Christians (96%) say they celebrate Christmas  . You could have guessed that, right? But check this out: Did you know that 81% of non-Christians in the USA celebrate Christmas Too? WHAT??!? you exclaim? (Yes, I can hear you right now). An astounding 87% of people with NO religion celebrate Christmas. 3/4 of Asian-American BUDDHISTS (76%) celebrate Christmas. 73% HINDUS in the US say they celebrate it too. About 1/3 of JEWISH Americans (32%) – had a Christmas tree in their homes during the most recent holiday season according to a survey from 2013. Some of these of course have a non-Jewish spouse and many don’t. A TALE OF 2 CHRISTMASES Of course there are two versions of the holiday going on. About a 1/3 (32% actually) celeb