Check out this new app for Pastors on Kickstarter

This looks promising. Sermonary is a new online tool to create, arrange, and present your sermons. I have been using XMind, a mind-mapping tool for several years, but I plan on trying this out.   I already backed this on Kickstarter, and there aren t a lot of spots left to get early access.  I like that it is an online The post Check out this new app for Pastors on Kickstarter appeared first on FaithEngineer.


How to Select the Right Mic for Pastors

Audio quality for the spoken word should be of utmost importance when it comes to church sound. It is common to address things like loudspeakers, acoustics, EQ, and compression when we think about

Great Books for Small Town Pastors

Ministry in small towns and cities is tough. The issues that rural America face are very similar to inner city problems:  job loss, population loss, drug use, and lack of opportunities.  As a pastor, I ve realized that almost all conferences, magazines, and resources seem geared toward large megachurches in large The post Great Books for Small Town Pastors appeared first on FaithEngineer.