Protecting Your Family Online with Circle

A growing problem in many families is learning how to monitor your children s usage of mobile devices. Between cell phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming systems, it seems like our children are constantly being tempted to spend more and more time online. So as a parent, how can we monitor and protect our children? We need to ask ourselves if we are The post Protecting Your Family Online with Circle appeared first on FaithEngineer.

3 Online Donation Fundamentals for Churches

Millennials are making up an increasing number of church attendees, and this generation doesn t carry cash or check. Even older folks are choosing debit cards and online payments over paper payments. Churches, however, struggle to

5 Online Computer Backup Solutions to Consider

Backing up your personal as well as church office computers is something you don t want to sideline. While your church may utilize cloud-based, also known as web-based, church management software, you re sure to have lots