10 Helpful Online Campus Tips

Last month, we took a closer look at expanding your church through an online campus. Often called an internet campus, iCampus, cyber church, digital church, virtual church, or even church in the cloud, expanding


Is Your Next Multisite Campus Online?

The multisite church model is all about reproducing healthy growing churches in surrounding local communities. One of the largest communities at our fingertips is the online community of the internet where millions of people reside

Protecting Your Family Online with Circle

A growing problem in many families is learning how to monitor your children s usage of mobile devices. Between cell phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming systems, it seems like our children are constantly being tempted to spend more and more time online. So as a parent, how can we monitor and protect our children? We need to ask ourselves if we are The post Protecting Your Family Online with Circle appeared first on FaithEngineer.

3 Online Donation Fundamentals for Churches

Millennials are making up an increasing number of church attendees, and this generation doesn t carry cash or check. Even older folks are choosing debit cards and online payments over paper payments. Churches, however, struggle to

5 Online Computer Backup Solutions to Consider

Backing up your personal as well as church office computers is something you don t want to sideline. While your church may utilize cloud-based, also known as web-based, church management software, you re sure to have lots