Buying A Smartphone: 15 Things To Consider [Infographic]

I have to admit, buying a smartphone is not what I call fun. If you have piles of cash hanging around, perhaps you enjoy this process, but for the rest of us, figuring out what


7 Tips for Successful Fall Events

As we soak in the sunshine and enjoy summer, we can’t lose sight of what is just around the corner fall and the various events that come along with that season. From kids heading back to

5 Reasons You Should Embrace Digital Bible Study

The last decade has seen both an avalanche of digital innovation and a responding flood of discussion about the ways that innovation is improving—or degrading—our lives. You ve probably read or participated in plenty of discussions

Using Video to Encourage Worship Participation

We recently shared some tools and options for pastors to utilize video to save time in ministry. Today, we re going to take a look at using video specifically in ministry to encourage, connect, and inspire